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DIH DIGIMAT is the first functional Digital Innovation Hub in the Czech Republic.

This unique platform develops and implements digital technologies in manufacturing companies and coordinates educational activities. In addition, it also connects Czech manufacturers with experts and helps create new projects in the implementation of digital technologies.

Digital innovation hub DIH DIGIMAT was founded in 2016. At that time, it was one of the first examples of a Czech regional initiative aimed at the practical integration of the Industry 4.0 agenda into manufacturing companies. DIH DIGIMAT was established as an open platform, which is capable of responding to the diverse needs of Czech manufacturing companies.

The main task of this DIH is to maintain and increase the competitiveness of local manufacturing companies. We can talk primarily about advanced automation and digitalization of the production, which has a direct impact on increasing productivity and reducing the costs spent on production.


VUT Brno

Brno University of Technology (BUT) is the second largest technical/engineering university in the Czech Republic. This internationally recognized educational institution offers cutting-edge first-class scientific and professional knowledge at eight faculties and three university institutes.


INTEMAC (Intemac Solutions s.r.o.) is a centre for research, development and advanced technologies, which focuses on applied research, experimental development, and education in the fields of engineering and manufacturing technology. It provides expert services and access to modern technologies, while supporting the cooperation of companies and researchers throughout the South Moravian Region.


JIC has been supporting people in the creation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in South Moravia for fifteen years. In this way it contributes to creating high-skilled jobs and strengthening competitiveness in the region.

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About us

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